Profiling the Use of Javascript in a Driveby Download Attack

In this article I will detail how the javascript works in its attempt to download and install malware on unsuspecting visitors’ machines.

Dissection of an Active Malware Campaign

This article walks the reader through a typical malware campaign from the web server infection to the actual infection of the client system.

Malware Undetected

The recent massive attacks on web sites, dubbed Beladen and Gumblar, show that one of the primary weaknesses (if not the primary weakness) of information systems is the endpoint.  Attackers have been using malware to steal the FTP credentials of web site maintainers and uploading...

Serving Up Spam for the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us and the scammers are taking advantage by sending out emails with bogus holiday cheer.  They attempt to take advantage of the holiday season by sending out emails with Christmas and New Years greetings.  Many such emails that find their way into our...

It’s Not OK to Click “OK”

If you are a user of Microsoft’s Windows operating system, you no doubt are very familiar with the popup dialogue boxes that are so frequently displayed on your screen.  These popup windows were designed to inform you when an event occurs that requires your attention or input. ...