Phishing Scammers Targeting Delivery Service Companies

Lately, a large number of malicious spam emails have been sent to mailboxes pretending to be from Federal Express and other parcel delivery companies. The email attempts to get the user to open an attached ZIP file which contains a Trojan that infects the end user’s computer. In a previous article I wrote about the malicious nature of spam emails and how to protect yourself against these threats. This new spam campaign is a perfect example of the type of malicious spam emails I was referring to.

This type of phishing campaign is a popular theme lately. In this case, the email appears to be from Federal Express and warns that a package sent by the user was not delivered. It attempts to have the user install the attached Trojan by asking them to print out the attached “invoice”. Of course once the user opens the attachment their computer will become infected. Below is a screenshot of the actual email:

As always, be suspicious of any unexpected emails, especially those with attachments or that ask you to click on a link embedded in the email. Don’t open attachments from unknown sources and always run up-to-date anti-virus/anti-spyware software.

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